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Tooling Repair PDF Print E-mail
ImageWhen Tool is returned for evaluation, it receives our utmost attention and highest priority. We completely understand that customers are giving us a very valuable tool and must be assured that it will be evaluated and refurbished as quickly as possible.  The inspection and evaluation process is very thorough, which allows us to notify the customer of the repairs needed, the accuracy that will be achieved and the cost. If the tolerances are close, it is then determined if one or more of the components needs to be repaired or replaced to meet specifications. 

If the tool evaluation reveals that it is considerably out of specifications, we contact the customer to discuss what components may need to be replaced to re-certify to the original specifications. If tool is beyond repair to original specifications, we give the customer details and cost to have it repaired to the level of accuracy that is possible. The pricing for the evaluation is FREE. In all cases, the customer is notified of their cost before refurbishing begins. Re-certification is a good idea on a frequent basis both for practical purposes, as well as to meet the rigid standards
of ISO and VGAGE can offer recertification as an option.
 VGAGE will use its ISO17025 Lab to complete all certifications. VGAGE understands the value of your existing tooling to your operation and gives it the highest turnaround priority. If a customer’s tooling is expected to take a long time to repair, we will do our best to meet the needs of the customer’s schedule. VGAGE provide complete tool repair as well as tool preventive maintenance.


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