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Company Overview

VGAGE originated from Valenite Metals in the 1960s, which can be traced back to the product prototype in the handbook published in 1976. It mainly produced cutting tools and measuring instruments. With the booming development of the American automotive industry, Valenite became one of the most famous brands of cutting tools and measuring instruments in the world. In 2006, VGAGE spun off from Valenite and became a brand specializing in non-standard measuring instruments, and began to independently explore the international market.

VGAGE relies on more than 60 years of measuring instrument design experience in the automotive industry, and has become a major supplier of non-standard measuring instruments for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler in North America. Since 2010, VGAGE has always ranked among the top three in the non-standard measuring instrument market in North America& Asia.

Company Scale

The company currently has two major production bases in Detroit, USA and Wuxi, China, with a total of about 200 employees and a total area of more than 30,000 square meters. It has two measurement and certification laboratories that meet the ISO 17025 international standard and has designed more than 120 measuring instrument patents.

Company Values

Experience accumulation, core technology, and originality are the foundations of VGAGE's business operations. Through tens of thousands of different types of solution technologies, VGAGE provides customers with fast and efficient measuring solutions.

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