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Full-cycle ERP for Inspection Tool Projects were landed

VGAGE is a company specializing in inspection tool projects. In order to strengthen the full-cycle management of inspection tool projects, VGAGE introduced a full-cycle ERP software at the end of 2020. The ERP software covers the entire management process from project initiation, research and development, design, manufacturing, procurement, inventory, sales, etc., and can help VGAGE achieve comprehensive management and control of inspection tool projects.

The use of this ERP software has brought the following benefits to VGAGE's inspection tool project management:

1.Improved project management efficiency: The ERP software realizes the information management of the entire process, can grasp the progress of the project in real time, and can find and solve problems in a timely manner, improving project management efficiency.

2.Enhanced data reliability: The ERP software can realize unified management of information, avoid duplicate input and errors, and improve data reliability.

3.Optimized production processes: The ERP software realizes automated management of production processes, can grasp the progress of production in real time, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency.

4.Improved customer satisfaction: Through the ERP software, it is possible to respond and track customer needs quickly, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance customer loyalty.

VGAGE's responsible person stated that the introduction of full-cycle ERP software is an important measure for VGAGE to achieve full-cycle management of inspection tool projects. In the future, VGAGE will continue to promote information construction to improve management efficiency, enhance product quality, strengthen competitiveness, and provide customers with better services and products.