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VGAGE, Setting a New Benchmark in the automobile Industry

VGAGE is a company specializing in intelligent manufacturing. Since September 2018, VGAGE has gradually introduced imported high-end, high-precision equipment at the intelligent manufacturing base, including Swiss SIP coordinate boring machines, American Moore coordinate grinding machines, 5-axis CNC horizontal boring and milling machines, and German Zeiss PRISMO high-precision coordinate measuring machines, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

These devices have superior performance and can meet VGAGE's customer's high-precision processing needs. For example, the Swiss SIP coordinate boring machine can achieve ultra-precision machining with an accuracy of up to 0.0005mm, suitable for the manufacture of various precision parts. The American Moore coordinate grinding machine is a high-precision coordinate grinder that can achieve high-precision processing needs. The 5-axis CNC horizontal boring and milling machine can complete one-time processing, improving processing efficiency. The German Zeiss PRISMO high-precision coordinate measuring machine can be used for high-precision measurement and inspection, with extremely high measurement accuracy and stability.

VGAGE's CEO said that the introduction of these high-end, high-precision equipment will further enhance VGAGE's processing capabilities and technical level, providing customers with more high-quality and efficient services. VGAGE will continue to innovate and develop in the field of intelligent manufacturing, providing the industry with more high-quality products and services.