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Product Advantages

VGAGE's advantages come from over 60 years of experience in high-precision measurement, providing customers with fast and efficient measurement solutions through over 10,000 different types of technical solutions.Specifically, these advantages are reflected in 5 aspects:

Technical Strength: VGAGE has a design and development team of over 40 people in the United States and China, capable of designing and developing highly accurate and reliable automated inspection equipment and gauges to meet customers' customized needs.

Manufacturing & Project Management Capacity: VGAGE has advanced manufacturing equipment and production lines, including Swiss coordinate boring machines, American Moore coordinate grinding machines, and Japanese CNC precision boring and milling centers. Through ERP and MRP production software, high-efficiency production processes can be achieved to ensure that customized products are delivered to customers on time.

Quality Management: VGAGE has a complete quality management system and quality control process, completing the implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and other systems, to ensure that the quality and accuracy of each customized product meet the highest standards.

Service Capability: VGAGE has a comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service system, including technical consultation, product design, production and manufacturing, equipment commissioning and maintenance, and other all-around services to ensure that customers can have the best user experience.

Global Layout: VGAGE has established a complete sales network and service centers worldwide. In addition to seven service offices in the United States and China, there are also after-sales service offices in Mexico and Canada to provide localized service support for customers and meet the customized needs of customers in different regions.