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Quality Assurance

VGAGE's quality assurance and commitment to the goods delivered are reflected in the following:

VGAGE is a company that complies with ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification and has obtained certificates for quality and environmental systems such as ISO9001-2000, ISO14001.(ISO 17025 laboratory certification is a way to demonstrate the effectiveness and credibility of a company's measurement laboratory. ISO 17025 certification is widely accepted as an international laboratory competency assessment standard and has strict requirements for laboratory organization, management, equipment, methods, procedures, and personnel.)

The company's quality department has a clear organizational structure and develops document-based management system documents.

Technical requirements: The company's laboratory can provide testing and calibration services that meet technical requirements, including ensuring the accuracy and precision of instruments and equipment, the effectiveness of standards, and the control of environmental conditions.

Equipment and environmental protection capabilities: The company's laboratory provides high-precision equipment and environmental conditions, including various length measuring instruments, roundness measuring instruments, CMM coordinate measuring machines, high-magnification projectors, and various safety measures, constant temperature environment, real-time data collection and processing systems, etc.

Excellent personnel: Laboratory personnel have relevant technical backgrounds, proficient operating skills, familiar with laboratory management systems, and have undergone 4-8 weeks of training and evaluation.

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