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ImageVGAGE Eddy Current systems use an electromagnetic induction technique. Induction coils are placed into the piece being inspected which alternating current is flowing. The alternating current, called the exciting current causes Eddy Currents to flow in the test specimen as result of electromagnetic induction.

These currents flow within close loops in the test specimen and their timing and magnitude depend on:

(A) The electrical properties of the part.

(B) The original or primary field established by exciting currents and

(C) The electromagnetic fields established by currents flowing within the specimen. This produces phase. Changes in impedance caused by small and large flaws combined with phase produces a predictable signal on the screen. Comparing these signals on the screen to known standards we are able to identify defect type, depth and origin.  

Eddy Current inspection is a cost effective and reliable way to inspect equipment. Its versatility allows inspection of a wide variety of materials non-ferrous and ferrous. Using information obtained through Eddy Current inspection part characteristics can be determined. 

Other advantages include that it can detect inner and outer surface corrosion and erosion, cracks, and mechanical dimensional features. With the increased use of new enhanced components, it is critical to monitor part condition and features. In all cases, test data is permanently recorded for future comparison. Results of the examination can be given on the spot, allowing for a quick response, allowing you to get back on line.   

VGAGE has a professional staff that is always ready to help you. Our technicians are highly trained and have an excellent knowledge of the equipment they are testing. Fast, reliable results are always our goal. Our specially designed computerized equipment records every part tested. Permanent recordings allow you to track spc history of your components.


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