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VE-18VGAGE is proud to introduce the new VE-03 Air to Electronic Converter. When gaging requirements dictate the use of a non-contact air probe, the results may be displayed on an electronic column or gage amplifier through the use of the VE-03 Air to Electronic Converter. The VE-03 is very compact and designed to mount as a free-standing unit to a standard DIN rail. The unit is completely sealed making it impervious to coolant, dust and any other impurities which may otherwise compromise the gaging function. VGAGE offers the VE-03 as part of our complete line of products designed to provide gaging solutions for close-tolerance, high–production inspection.

Product Highlights

  • Very compact size: only 3.5”(89mm) high, 5.5”(140mm) long, and 1.25”(32mm) wide.
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Completely sealed unit protects against contamination from coolant, dust, etc.
  • Mounts to a standard DIN rail.
  • A single set screw locks or releases the unit for easy installation or removal even in between other units.
  • The gage connection can come out the front or rear depending on the application
  • Front panel mounted Zero and Gain controls adjust signal being sent to display device.
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