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VE-101/111 PDF Print E-mail
VE-101/111The updated VE-101/111 is a programmable micro-processor based multi input column that accepts LVDT and air inputs. Featuring intuitive displays, electronic zero and gain, analog zero / gain / balance, TIR, BCD and Serial output, and relay output, the VE-101/111 provides the ultimate in shop floor flexibility.

Product Highlights:

  • Static or TIR ( Min / Max / Max Dev) Measurements
  • Programmable Scaling.
  • Multiple Part Programming (9) Programs.
  • Easy to Read Analog and Digital Display.
  • One Button Mean Mastering.
  • Red, Green, and Yellow limit lights. (Upper/ Lower / Approach/ Accept)
  • Inch / Metric
  • 3 Year Warranty


2 discrete inputs available* including:

  • VGAGE Half-bridge LVDT- VE101
  • Solartron Half-bridge LVDT - VE101

Note: The VE-111 model has a built in air converter. * Optional 9 discrete input selector is available.


Display100 LED bar segments
Digital Display5 seven segments LEDs
Accuracy1% of full scale
Stability.05% of full scale per 12 hours of constant temperature
Operating Temp41-122 degrees Fahrenheit
Input Voltage120 - 220 VAC
Input Frequency50-60 Hz
Analog Output+/- 10 Volts DC full scale
Size (WxHxD)18” x 2” x 7.5”
Unit Weight8 lbs.
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