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Image VGAGE produces some of the best tool compensators in the industry. We were pioneers in the field and continue to develop product for state-of-the-art tool control. Our servo-controlled compensators complemented with our gages and tooling can provide control systems to significantly increase production of quality parts.

VGAGE offers several systems for tool compensation. Transfer lines, pallet systems and even CNC packages are available. VGAGE also specializes in retro fitting existing equipment that was not purchased with a tool compensation ir outfitted with a compeditors tool control syste. In fact VGAGE has replaced over 100 compeditor systems around the world. Whether you are generating a feature or finishing a bore, VGAGE has a solution for you.

If we do not have a standard compensator that will fit your application we will design a customer compensator to meet your requirement.

Standard models include:

401-500    Original servo controlled, replaced by 401-600, fully supported

401-600    Heavy duty servo controlled available in both wet or dry models

401-700    New smaller servo controlled available in both wet or dry models

401-800    Foot Mounted available for dry application only


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