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VE-810 PDF Print E-mail
ImageThe VE-810 Multi-Input Metrology Computer stands alone in measuring units. The new VE-810 is a multi input metrology computer that accepts up to eight inputs. Featuring intuitive displays, audio cues, and user defined formulas, the VE-810 series provides the ultimate in shop floor flexibility.

Product Highlights

  • Dynamic Min / Max Measurements
  • SPC Analysis from an integrated database.
  • Connectivity to PC’s and other peripherals.
  • Up to 16 output channels.
  • Apply mathematical formulas to measurement data for on the spot part analysis.
  • Easy to read color visuals provide intuitive and color cues, instantly informing the operator of pass/fail of critical part dimensions.


4 and 8 discrete inputs available including:

  • VGAGE Full & Half-bridge LVDT
  • Solartron Full & Half-bridge LVDT
  • Marposs Full & Half-bridge LVDT
  • Tesa Full & Half-bridge LVDT
  • Heidenhain Spectro
  • Mitutoyo Linear Gage - 6 pin
  • Mitutoyo Serial Gage - 10 pin
  • Nikon Linear Scales or Digi-Micro
  • VGAGE VE-03 Air Electronic Converter
  • 16 digital inputs


LCD6 color
Display Digit Size.45 inch
Resolution down to.000004 / .0001 mm
Input Voltage85-264 VAC
Input Frequency43-63 Hz
Unit (WxHxD)11.5 x 7.5” x 2.75”
Base (WxHxD)10” x 2” x 7.5”
Unit Weight5.4 lbs.
Base Weight6.2 lbs.
Operating Temp32-115 degrees Fahrenheit
CE Certified 
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