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VGAGE LLC is proud to announce the release of our new gaging software Pro 8.                                         

The new Pro 8 replaces the very successful Pro 7 software.  

VGAGE    Pro 8 Software 

The Pro 8 Gaging and SPC software provides flexible user friendly screens making it easy for any operator to takes measurements and collect data for SPC. The Pro 8 Gaging and SPC software provides flexible user friendly screens making it easy for any operator to takes measurements and collect data for SPC.

Gaging / Collecting Data

One of the key features of the Pro 8 Gaging and SPC Software is the customization of the screens used for measurement. The software can use digital pictures of the actual gages or parts to assist the operator in following the sequential steps to measure a part and collect data. Instructions are also displayed at the top of each screen instructing the operator. These two features make the software very easy to use and follow.  

Sourcing, Evaluating and Viewing Data 

Many of our customer’s products are sourced from several machines and fixtures. In order to properly evaluate the data the VGAGE Pro 8 software can include a custom screen where the operator makes the selection to properly source the data for evaluation. Once you have collected data the VGAGE Pro 8 software can display the data in standard historical data screens or special screens such as target charts. 

SPC and VGAGE SPC Remote 

VGAGE Pro 8 Software provides evaluation of the data in a Histogram, Individuals, XBAR&r, Pareto, and P-chart for viewing at the gage station. VGAGE SPC Remote is a separate software module provided for evaluation of the data at a desktop or networked computer separate from the gage computer. This allows the viewing and evaluation of the data without interrupting the operator at the gage. 

Flexibility and Customization 

The VGAGE Pro 8 software is setup to allow the customer to edit and setup the application with the use of password protected editor. Our customers can tailor or change the application to meet their current or future needs on their own by the integrated editor module.  

Summary of VGAGE Pro 8 Features

User Friendly Screens with Color Graphics or Digital Pictures

Displayed Icons for Simple Menu Selection

SPC Charts – XBar & R, Histogram, Individuals, Pareto, P-Chart

Configurable and Editable Application Software

Troubleshooting Screens

Setup Screen

Mastering / Calibration Screen, Password Protected Features

Network Able

Export of Data in Text, Excel, QDAS, or Study Format

Works for Hand Held, Fixture, or Automatic Gages

Machine and Fixture Sourcing menu

Optional Target Charts

Built in GR&R and Study Feature

Capable of Integrating Multiple Gages

Print Screens and Charts

Auto Archiving Features

Check Grid for Feature / measurement Selection

Probe, Air Converter, and digital Indicator Interface

Wireless Support for Digital Indicators and other Devices

Probe Setup Screen

Remote SPC Program for Desktop, Laptop, or Server

Supports Toll Compensation to CNC Machines


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