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VE-900 CNC Wireless Bore Gage PDF Print E-mail
ImageProduct Highlights:

  • In machine measuring
  • Extremely fast real time measuring cycle and data transmission with  Bluetooth ® Wireless transmission technology
  • Digital transducer technology
  • Communicates to VGAGE Pro 7 Compensating Software
  • Provides instant process control for tool compensation values and prevents costly production of scrap
  • Designed with multiple sensors to measure diameter, taper, position, cylindricity, and roundness
  • Robust durable construction with internal float and collision protection for use in high production manufacturing environments
  • HSK100 or CAT 50 adapters   (Contact us for others)
  • 0.5 micron (.000020 inch) repeatability
  • Communication range of 20 meters / 60 feet
  • Lithium Ion battery for long life
  • Charges in storage unit
  • Optional blow off
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