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ImageImageImage   The VE-815 is a versatile light duty industrial gage computer that brings precise gage monitoring, archiving, analysis, and control capabilities to any manufacturing environment. With this computer you have the option of selecting from a 15” to 21” color LCD monitor. Gage measurements are dynamically displayed in real time on a high resolution color LCD graphics screen that shows either a digital picture, bitmap, or CAD representation of the part being inspected. Data is archived and can be output to a floppy, CD, Ethernet, or USB ports. This light duty but powerful gage computer can be interfaced with single or multiple gages.  





·          Preloaded with Windows XP and VGAGE Pro 6 or 7 Software (Optional QDAS SPC Software)

·          Pentium 4 Processor

·          Up to 1 GB DDE RAM (256 MB Standard)

·          40 GB internal hard drive minimum

·          Two USB ports and one Parallel Port

·          One RS-232 port and one selectable RS-232/422/485 port

·          Dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports

·          Screen selection from 15 to 21” LCD monitors

·          Front accessible floppy drive and CD-ROM drive (with CD-R/W, DVD, and DVD-R/W upgrade options)

·          Operates in temperatures from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

·          Input Devices: Digital probes and air to electronic converters (Depending on the application additional external hardware may be required)

·          Optional Output Devices: Printers, CRT and LCD monitors, touch screen monitors, network drives, and network printers


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