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ImageImageThe VE-525 thread inspection unit uses a specially designed gage head that is engineered for standard threads or can be customer designed for special applications. The gage head is used along with a special servo drive system to allow the gage head to chase the thread configuration.

The following measurements are possible using the VE-525 system:                        (Measurements will depend on process, type and condition of threads)                        

Major Diameter, Minor Diameter, Pitch Diameter, Average Thread Spacing, Average Distance Between Threads, Thread Depth, Start Point of Threads, Number of Threads and  Lead-in Angles.                        

Advantages of the VE-525 system include:                        

Fast Cycle Time                       

Uses Standard Components                       

Available for Internal and External Threads                       

VGAGE Excel 6 Add In Software (Easy Use & Programming)                       

Uses VE-820 standard gage computer                        

Available with Multiple Gage Heads                       

Full SPC Package Available

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