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Off-line SPC Benches

VGAGE SPC Gage Bench is currently the most commonly used mode for checking various automotive components.

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VGAGE SPC  Gage Bench is currently the most commonly used mode for checking various automotive components. It can perform one-time measuring and traceable inquiries of the key characteristics and PQC dimensions of parts on a single workstation.

Whether it's hole diameter, thread size, hole depth, or surface roughness, different types of measuring instruments and gauges configured on the SPC multi-functional testing platform can be used with the intelligent guidance of the VGAGE PRO8 measurement control software interface to enable operators to perform quality inspection and monitoring without errors.

The entire measurement program includes error prevention reminders and QR code retrieval functions, and can display real-time monitoring and warnings of the process capability Cpk for each characteristic dimension.

Currently, VGAGE's SPC software PRO8 can seamlessly integrate with the factory-level cloud-based quality monitoring software, allowing you to monitor the production quality stability of each production line in various factories nationwide in real-time, whether you are in the office or on the shop floor.

"Gage Bench" refers to a workbench or table designed for the purpose of performing measurements with gauges or other measuring instruments. It may be used in quality control or inspection processes to ensure that parts or products meet certain specifications or tolerances. The bench may be equipped with various types of gauges, such as dial indicators or micrometers, and may include a variety of fixtures and accessories to hold the workpiece in place during measurement.