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VE-830 The VE-830 Gage Computer provides precise gage monitoring, archiving, analysis, and control capabilities to any manufacturing environment. The VE-830 produces detailed SPC screen displays and printed reports that give you all the information you need for process management. With its ability to measure and compensate based on statistics, the VE-830 is an important tool in the metal removal and selective assembly industry. This versatile system can be interfaced to transfer, CNC, and dial machines to provide closed loop machining control.


  • Multiple tool compensation strategies - absolute and target compensation, skip, trend, and sub-group size
  • Tool compensation thru CNC interface or mechanical compensators (Stepper / Servo Controlled)
  • Fine resolution of .000001 inch (.0001 mm)
  • Comprehensive selection of real time statistical displays
  • Column display screen with digital values
  • Comes with a configuration program so the customer can edit or create his own gage programs
  • High resolution part graphics with digital values
  • Automatic inch/metric conversion for quick measurement changeover
  • Security levels for variable operator/supervisor/manager access
  • On screen pull down keyboard
  • HARDWARE: Pentium based industrial computer, TFT active matrix color display, touch screen interface, 24x24x13 inch NEMA-rated enclosure with chiller, high speed hard drive, 1.44 Mb 3.5 floppy disk drive, CD RW drive, 4 USB ports, Ethernet port, video port, parallel printer port, PCMIA card port, RS232 / RS485 serial ports, digital I/O, stack light (Optional), and PLC (Optional)
  • INPUT DEVICES SUPPORTED: Expandable 16 full or half bridge transducers, rotary encoder, RS232/RS422, serial devices, digital indicators, linear scales, and air / electronic converters Input Devices Supported: digital probes,
  • OUTPUT DEVICES SUPPORTED: Printers, CRTs, PLCs, CNCs, host computers, network drives, and network printer
  • SOFTWARE FEATURES: Val Pro 6 Gage and SPC package, Val Pro 6 Configuration Program, Windows 2000 Professional or XP, and QDAS (Optional) SPC software package
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