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In Process Grinder Gages PDF Print E-mail

VGAGE now offers a full line of in process grinder gages and instrumentation to measure outer or inner diameters for real time dimensional control for high precision machining. Not only do we supply these new gages we offer full service and support on these products. Contact us today if you have a need for a new or need service and repair of a grinder gage. 


Feature 1

Have no sliding or abrasion parts in the internal mechanism and thus show their capabilities in high-precision machining.

Feature 2

Use our own L-shape leaf-spring fulcrum to achieve high durability and high rigidity.

Feature 3

A combination of unit construction and high-precision parts allows easy maintenance.

Feature 4

Superior in dynamic characteristics, showing high reliability.

Feature 5

Impose no restrictions on mounting position, allowing very easy tooling.

Feature 6

Handle various measurements including outer and inner diameters.


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